maandag 6 januari 2014

2013 in Review

If you despise blog posts listing off all the good stuff that happened in a specific year as much as I do, you'll be happy to know that I now think less of myself as a person. But hey, there has to be some positivity right?
Although I have recently claimed that nothing really positive of importance happened in 2013, I was mainly talking about how 2013 changed the world as a whole (funny how 2013 is the subject there, I call metonymia). I still maintain that that's the case, but on a more personal level, a hell of a lot of stuff has happened, a lot of which positive as well.
Because of that I thought I'd list off all positive things that happened to me personally in 2013 (most of which software-related, weird huh?), and won't bother about the negative ones. So here we are.

  • I participated in 2 ludum dares and the 7DFPS challenge (keep in mind that my first LD was LD25)
  • I made two really good internet friends (Gallefray and metaldemon, they're on #ludumdare quite a lot)
  • I first did some team work in a ludum dare
  • I first met up with someone I met through the internet (that'd be metaldemon)
  • I first did some serious assembly programming
  • I wrote my own gaming library, which was actually somewhat succesful
  • I wrote three/four compilers for my own programming language, the last of which worked out fairly well
  • I first did open-source software
  • I gained a following on twitch
  • I got myself a twitter account
  • I launched my own webiste
  • I first started fumbling about with git, which I know use extensively for all my open-source projects
  • I first started using linux seriously (might have been late 2012 as well, not sure), which I now mainly use
  • I started despising Windows 8
  • I started supporting the Piratenpartij
  • I found out who Linus Torvalds was
  • I managed to write down some of my opinions in a simple markdown file
  • I fell in love with GCC
  • I found out mono wasn't just a crappy .NET port
  • I first did DOS and mode 13h programming
  • I became more libertarian in politics
  • I got my CAE grade A
  • I started loving/learning Swedish
  • I found out about ÆØÅ
  • I started using the command line (but hey, you have to when using linux :P)
  • I found out what GNU was and started disagreeing with it
  • I went to Rome
And that's about it. Not a lot if you look at it like this, but quite a lot of firsts and noteworthy entries in there I'd argue, so it hasn't been all bad :)
Let's see what happens in 2014, I doubt more noteworthy stuff will happen than this.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Man, where were you 2 years ago when I was looking for active OpenTK alternative? I'll try Pencile.Gaming out but lack of activity both on GitHub and here worries me. Are you still maintaining the project?

    1. Wow, didn't even notice your comment, sorry man. I would suggest you have a look at my most recent blog post :P